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Abbreviation used -

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:57 am    Post subject: Abbreviation used - Reply with quote

Some have been using abbreviations in their posts and I am sure some are not aware of the meanings - First lets start with upper and lower case - upper case is to show YELLING or to put inphasize on a word - Also type in lower case unless you intend to show yelling -

Now as for abbreviations/acronyms here is a list that is used commonly on boards -

AAMOI-- As a Matter of Interest
AFAIK-- As Far as I Know
AFAUI-- As Far as I Understand It
AIUI-- As I Understand It
AKA-- Also Known As
ASAP -- As Soon As Possible
BR - Brother
BIL - Brother in law
BRB -- Be Right Back
BTW -- By The Way
CFD -- Call For Discussion
CUS - cousin
FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
FIL - Father in law
FUBAR -- ****ed Up Beyond Recognition
FWIW -- For What It's Worth
FYI -- For Your Information
GTBOS -- Glad to Be of Service
IANAL -- I Am Not A Lawyer (But....)
IDK -- I Don't Know
IL - Inlaws
IMHO -- In My Humble Opinion
IMO -- In My Opinion
IYSWIM -- If You See What I Mean
LOL -- Laughing Out Loud
MIL - Mother in law
OTOH -- On the Other Hand
PITA -- Pain In The ***
PMFJI -- Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMJI -- Pardon My Jumping In
RFC -- Request For Comments
ROTFL -- Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RTFM -- Read the ****ing Manual
SIS - Sister
SIL - Sisterin law
SNAFU -- Situation Normal; All ****ed Up
SNAIL MAIL -- The Speed of Postal Mail (Normal Mail)
SOHF -- Sense of Humor Failure
SPAM -- Stupid Person's Advertisement
SWALK -- Sealed With A Loving Kiss
TIA -- Thanks In Advance
TPTB -- The Powers That Be
TTFN -- Ta-Ta For Now
WRT -- With Respect TO
WB -- Welcome Back
WYSIWYG -- What You See Is What You Get

US boating abbreviations/acronyms from USCG site -

ABC America's Boating Course

ABYC American Boat and Yacht Council


ADSO Assistant District Staff Officer

AIDE Aide to National Commodore/District Commodore

AIM Academy Introduction Mission

AIS Automatic Identification System

ALCOAST All Coast Guard Message

AMOS Auxiliary Mission Objectives System

ANSC Auxiliary National Supply Center (Catalog)

AOR Area of Responsibility

ARC American Red Cross

ARCO Area Rear Commodore

ASST Assistant

ATON Aids to Navigation

AUX Coast Guard Auxiliary

AUX-AIR Auxiliary Aviation

AuxACN Auxiliary Advanced Coastal Navigation (Alternative name for AUXNAV)

AUXCEN Auxiliary Center

AUXCOM Auxiliary Communication Specialty Course

AUXDATA Information data base effective March, 02

AUXFAC Auxiliary Facility

AUXLAM Auxiliary Leadership & Management Course

AUXLEA Auxiliary Leadership Course

AUXMAN Auxiliary Manual

AUXMIN Auxiliary Administration Specialty Course (Obsolete. Credit if prev. earned)

AUXMIS Auxiliary Management Information System, Now AUXDATA

AUXNAV Auxiliary Navigation Specialty Course (Also called AuxACN)

AuxNet CGAUX Radio Network (General Description)

AUXOP Operational Auxiliarist Status (Passed 6 [formerly 7] Specialty Courses)

AUXPAL Auxiliary Personnel Allowance List

AUXPAT Auxiliary Patrols Specialty Course

AUXSAR Auxiliary Search & Rescue Specialty Course

AUXSEA Auxiliary Seamanship Specialty Course

AUXWEA Auxiliary Weather Specialty Course

AWW America's Waterway Watch (Previously "Operation Waterway Watch")

AX AUXOP (designated in AUXMIS database)


B Designates the Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Boating

BA Branch Assistant, National Staff

BC Branch Chief, National Staff

BC-NCA Conference Assistant, NACO Staff

BC-NCO Conference Organization, NACO Staff

BC-NCP Conference Planning, NACO Staff

BC-NCR Conference Registration, NACO Staff

BC-NCS Conference Support, NACO Staff

BCQ Boat Crew Qualification

BED Base Enrollment Date

BFOI Boat Force Operations Insignia

BIA Boating Industry Association

BIC Basic Instructor Course (USCG)

BLA Boating Law Administrator

BM Boatswains Mate

BMOW Boatswain's Mate of the Watch

BOAT/US Boat Owners Association of the U. S.

BOCA Boat Owners Council of America

BOSAF Boating Safety Correspondence Course

BQ Basically Qualified

BS&S Boating Skills and Seamanship

BSAC Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC)

BSC Boating Safety Circular

BT "Break" between message header and message content

BUI Boating Under the Influence (of alcohol, etc.)

BYBB Backyard Boat Builders

BZ "Well Done" (Derivation unknown)


CAMS Communications Area Master Station

(e.g., CAMSPAC: Communications Area Master Station Pacific, NMC, Pt. Reyes CA

CAP Civil Air Patrol


CAVU Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited (Aviation)

CC Career Counselor (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation - now obsolete)

CDR Commander (USCG, USN, USPHS)

CEU Continuing Education Unit

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CFVE Commercial Fishing Vessel Examination

CFVS Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety

CG Coast Guard (United States Coast Guard)

CGA United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA)

CGAUX Coast Guard Auxiliary

CGI Coast Guard Institute, Oklahoma City, OK

CGMA Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (formerly CG Welfare)

CHDIRAUX Chief Director, Auxiliary (Headquarters)

CM Communications Officer (CG Aux. SO specialty designation)

CMC Merchant Marine Safety Counsel

CMC Command Master Chief

CME Courtesy Marine (or Motorboat) Examination (Now “VSC”)

CO Commanding Officer

COMDT Commandant of the Coast Guard

COMDTINST Commandant Instruction

COMDTNOTE Commandant Notice

COMDTPUB Commandant Publication

COMO Commodore

COS Chief of Staff

CPO Chief Petty Officer (USCG, USN)

CPT Captain

CRC Civil Rights Counselor

CS Communications Services (CG Aux. SO specialty designation)

CWO Chief Warrant Officer


D-AA Administrative Assistant to DCO

D-AD Aide to the DCO

DBW (California) Department of Boating and Waterways

DC National Department Chief

DCS District Chief of Staff

DCO District Commodore

DCP Division Captain

DDO District Directorate Officer (sometimes District Directorate Commodore)

DEP Deputy

DHS Department of Homeland Security

DIRAUX Director of Auxiliary (District or Region)

DIST District

DIV Division

DO Defense Operations

DOD Department of Defense

DOJ Department of Justice

DOL Department of Labor

DOT Department of Transportation

DPG District Planning Group

DSO District Staff Officer

DVC Division Chief (National Staff)

DVC-NC Conference Coordination, NACO staff


E Designates the Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Education

ELT Enforcement of Laws and Treaties

EMPLID Employee Identification Number

ENS Ensign (USCG, USN)

EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (Also see PEPIRB)

EXCOM District Executive Committee


FC Flotilla Commander

FED Flotilla Enrollment Date

FN Finance Staff Officer (CG Aux. SO specialty designation)

FN Fireman (Enlisted USCG, USN)

FM Family Member (AUXMIS designation)

FMV Fair Market Value

FOUO For Official Use Only

FSO- Flotilla Staff Officer– (followed by specialty designation)

FWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control Act


G- Staff Symbol identifying the CG & offices within DOT

G-C Commandant of the Coast Guard

G-CCS Chief of Staff of the Coast Guard

G-CV Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard

G-0 Assistant Commandant for Operations

G-PCX Chief, Office of Auxiliary/Chief Director, Auxiliary

GIS Global Information System

GMT Greenwich Mean Time (See ZULU) (Also sometimes "GCT" "UT")

GPO Government Printing Office

GS General Service -- Federal employee pay level designation

GSA General Services Administration


HARPAT Harbor Patrol (as a CGAUX function)

(2001 Harbor Patrol Guide (HTML Format) 2002 Harbor Patrol Guide (WORD Format)

HF High Frequency (Radio - 3 to 30 mhz)

HIN Hull Identification Number

HLS HomeLand Security


I Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Information & Communications Services

ICOMIA International Council of Marine Industry Associations

ICS Incident Command System

IP Immediate Past Office (except National Commodore)

IQ Initially Qualified Auxiliary Member

IS Information Services (CG Aux. SO specialty designation)

ISC Integrated Support Command

IT Instructor


JOOD Junior Officer of the Deck/Day


L Designates the Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Legal Affairs

LCDR Lieutenant Commander (USCG, USN, USPHS)

LE Law Enforcement

LEPO Law Enforcement Petty Officer

LM Life Member

LM CG Auxiliary Land Mobile Radio Station Facility

LO Liaison Officer

LORSTA Loran Station

LT Lieutenant (USCG, USN, USPHS)

LTJG Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (USCG, USN)


M Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Marine Safety & Environmental Protection (Also MSEP)

MA Materials (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

MARS Military Affiliate Radio System

MARSEC Maritime Security (MARSEC 1 is the "New Normalcy")

MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer

MCPOCG Master Chief Petty Officer Of The Coast Guard

MDA Maritime Domain Awareness (also see OPR III) CGAUX MDA/OPR Mission

MDV Marine Dealer Visitor (Obsolete. Now "PV") (CG Aux. SO specialty designation)

MEP Marine Environmental Protections

MF Medium Frequency (300 to 3000 khz)

MHLS Maritime Homeland Security Strategy -- Three scalable Maritime

Security postures for increased attention:

MARSEC 1 New Normalcy;

MARSEC 2-Heightened Risk; and MARSEC 3-Incident Imminent

MLB Motor Lifeboat

MLC Maintenance and Logistics Command

MI Master Instructor

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MR Member Resources (old name for Personnel Services)

MS Marine Safety (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

MS Member Services

MSC Marine Safety Council

MSD Marine Sanitation Device or Marine Safety Detachment

MSEP Marine Safety & Environmental Protection (Also "M")

MSSEP Marine Safety, Security & Environmental Protection

MSI Marine Safety Insignia (Trident Device)

MST Marine Science Technician (USCG PO Rating)

MSO Marine Safety Office

MT Member Training (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

MTSA Maritime Transportation Security Act


N-A Administrative Officer, NACO staff

N-AS NACO Secretary


N-S Special Assignment, NACO staff

N-P Special Projects Officer, NACO staff

NACO National Commodore

NACOS National Auxiliary Chief of Staff

NACON National Auxiliary Conference

NADCO National Directorate Commodore (appointed)

NAPDIC National Association of Past District Commodores

NAPM National Area Planning Meeting

NASBLA National Association of State Boating Law Administrators

NATL National

NAVCO National Vice Commodore---

NBF National Boating Federation

NBSAC National Boating Safety Advisory Council

NBSS National Boating Safety School

NDRS National Distress and Response System (Being replaced by "Rescue 21")

NEXCOM National Executive Committee

NFPA National Fire Protection Association

NIPCO Immediate Past National Commodore

NM New Member

NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

NOK Next of Kin

NOS National Ocean Survey (NOAA-Dept. of Commerce)

NRC USCG National Response Center

NSBC National Safe Boating Council

NSBW National Safe Boating Week

NSC National Safety Council

NTRAIN National Training Conference

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NWS National Weather Service (NOAA - Dept. Of Commerce)


O Designates Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Operations

OBS Office of Boating Safety (Coast Guard)

OSC Outboard Boating Club

OCMI Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection

OCS Officer Candidate School

ODU Operational Dress Uniform (Replacing Working Dress Blue)

OIA Order Issuing Authority

OINC or OIC Officer-in-Charge

OMS Operations and Marine Safety

OOD Officer of the Deck/Day

OP Operations (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

OPM Operations Policy Manual (CGAUX)

OPFAC Operational Facility

OPORD Operation Order

OPR Operation Patriot Readiness (now in Phase III. See Also: MDA)

OPS Operations, Operations Officer

OS Operations Specialist (CG Petty Officer Rating -- Merger of RD and TC)

OWW Operation Waterway Watch (Now "America's Waterway Watch")


P Designates Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Personnel

P (before officer title acronym) Past Officer

PA Public Affairs (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

PAO Public Affairs Officer

PATCOM Patrol Commander

PCO Paddle Craft Operator

PB Publications (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

PE Public Education (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

PEPIRB Personal Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (Also see EPIRB)

PFD Personal Flotation Device

PIW People (Person) in Water

PO Petty Officer (USCG, USN)

POB People on Board (Formerly SOB - Souls on Board)

POC Point of Contact

POD Past Officer Device

POMS Patrol Order Management System

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

PQS Performance Qualification Standard

PS Personnel Services (Also Reserve Port Security Rate)

PV Program Visitor (Previously "MDV") (Staff Officer designator)

PWC Personal Water Craft

PWCS Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security


QE Qualification Examiner

QEC Qualification Examiner Coodinator (See )

QM Quartermaster (CG PO Rate now Combined with BM)

QMOW Quartermaster of the Watch


R&D Research and Development

RADM Rear Admiral (Upper Half) O-8

RBS Recreational Boating Safety

RBSVP Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Program

RCO District Rear Commodore

RCC Rescue Coordination Center

RDML Rear Admiral (Lower Half) O-7 (Previously Commodore)

REP Representative

RET Retired

REWK REcertification required for failure to attend required WorKshop

REYR REcertification required for failure to meet Yearly Requirements

RMS Readiness Management System


SAMA Standard Auxiliary Maintenance Allowance (for personal equipment used on

ordered patrols)

SAR Search and Rescue

SBLA State Boating Law Administrator

SC Specialty Course (One of six)

SCA Small Craft Advisory (a NASBLA periodical)

SCPO Senior Chief Petty Officer (USCG, USN)

SK Storekeeper (USCG Petty Officer Rate)

SLO State Liaison Officer

SN Seaman (USCG, USN)

SO Division Staff Officer

SOPA Senior Officer Present Afloat

SR Secretary/Records (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

SR Seaman Recruit (USCG, Navy)

STAN Team Standardization Team


T Designates Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Training

TAD Temporary Assignment to Duty (or Temporary Assigned Duty)

TARP Targeted Augmenting and Recruiting Program

TC Telecommunications Specialist (Obsolete - Merged into OS rating)

TCT Team Coordination Training

TONO Travel Order Number


UDC Uniform Distribution Center (Official CG source, purchase of Auxiliary uniforms

UNCLAS Unclassified (immediately following BT after unclassified message header)

USA United States Army

USAF United States Air Force

USAFR United States Air Force Reserve

USA-NG United States Army - National Guard

USAR United States Army Reserve

USC United States Code

USCA United States Code Annotated

USCG United States Coast Guard (also CG)

USCGA United States Coast Guard Academy

USCGAUX United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

USCGR United States Coast Guard Reserve

USMC United States Marine Corps

USMCR United States Marine Corps Reserve

USN United States Navy

USNR United States Navy Reserve

USPHS United States Public Health Service

USPS United States Power Squadrons


V Designates Nat'l Aux. Dept. of Vessel Examination

VADM Vice Admiral (USCG, USN)

VCO District Vice Commodore

VCP Division Vice Captain

VE Vessel Examiner (CG Auxiliary SO specialty designation)

VE Vessel Examination (See VSC)

VFC Vice Flotilla Commander

VFR/IFR Visual Flight Rules/Instrument Flight Rules

VHF Very High Frequency (30 to 300 mhz)

VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions (See VFR)

VSC Vessel Safety Check (formerly CME: Courtesy Motorboat [Marine] Examination)


WAGB Icebreaker Class Coast Guard Cutter

WHEC High Endurance Coast Guard Cutter

WLB Buoy Tender Class Coast Guard Cutter

WMEC Medium Endurance Cutter

WMS Waterway Management Security

WPB Patrol Boat Class Coast Guard Cutter

WS Watchstander

WW (See AWW)

WWWDWOA? what would we do without acronyms?


XO Executive Officer

XPO Executive Petty Officer


YIC You're in Command (CG/CGAUX Boating Safety Program)

YN Yeoman


ZKJ2 "Closing down radio guard for _________" (Used as Radio Log entry)

ZKN "I have taken over guard for ____________" (Used as Radio Log entry)

ZKO "I have handed over radio guard to __________" (Used as Radio Log entry)

ZKP "I am radio guard for __________" (Used as Radio Log entry)

ZUI "Your attention is invited to . . ." (Used in message header)

ZYB Designates an administrative message (Used in message header

ZULU Military designator for GMT Date-Time Group on Messages (also GMT/GCT/UT)

Please feel free to add to this list - as there are many more I am sure

Mike - Very Happy
"Best part of Boating -- is the people you meet"
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